And the Match Goes On

I am not a golfer! Nor do I ever want to be one—but—

I live in Arizona about 3 miles from where the Accenture Match Play Tournament is presently taking place.

Why live in Arizona in a location surrounded by golf courses? To enjoy and appreciate the beauty of God’s works:

The plants:





The wildlife:

javelina herd     

The sunsets—there’s no way I can top the picture heading my blog.

Here in Marana, golf rules. Millions of dollars are made by the golf courses, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

The anticipation prior to the Accenture—Will he show up—? Is he here yet—? How did he do today—?The he– is Tiger Woods. 

The Tiger finally arrives, on the television the world is watching him practice.

The next day the match begins. The Tiger is scheduled to tee off at 10:35AM. Many of the spectators are making moral judgments—Does he deserve to win?—Has he paid for his sins—? Those are not our judgments to make. He is still the Tiger.

Back to the match, I know it has begun by the sounds of encouragement emanating from the living room. My wife who knows less about golf than I do is cheering him on. He scrapes by to win on the first day.

Will he survive the next match? Despite fighting to survive—he loses. There are mixed emotions—cheers for the winner—respectful silence for the Tiger.

It’s over for him, after the exit interviews, he fades away—will he return next year—? Maybe!

The match goes on!

5 thoughts on “And the Match Goes On

  1. Don, I don’t play golf, either, but you’ve sold me on Arizona. The sunset picture is stunning. And oh, my gosh, the bobcat – is he sleeping on your patio?!!! My poor little yorkie might end up as lunch! And talking about wildlife – you even have The Tiger! LOL Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m not a golfer, though two of my children play with my husband. When those *important* tournaments come along each year, I sort’ve listen from the kitchen where I’m doing anything to keep me from watching golf, lol. And yet, even from my distant stance, I hear the commentary from the armchair watchers. Which is to say, I’ve heard the analysis that Tiger is indeed paying for his sins big time, at least that’s how it appears when measured against his now consistently poor performances on the golf course. By all appearances his mojo has gotten up and gone with the alimony payments!

  3. Donald, my family and I used to live in Tucson from 1980 until 1990. I knew a family that lived in the Marana area that raised dogs. I think their names were Jack and Shirley, but I cannot remember their last name. My family and I used to go out in the area and ride our four wheelers out by the glider port. We love the Arizona weather and area. We still have friends in the Phoenix area. I am not convinced that Tiger Woods will ever reach the magic number of 18.

    I think your poster are great, keep up the great work. During the spring time I love getting out in the desert and looking at all the beautiful flowers that the cactus produced. When the trees started producing all the yellow flowers no where can beat the beauty.

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