There’s One Born Every Minute Part 2

So I was 20 years old and I had a new 59 Plymouth Belvedere. It was beautiful, bright shiny red, sparkling white vinyl top. Was I happy?

No         .

What did it take to make me happy?



First, it wasn’t the car I wanted, it wasn’t the beautiful bittersweet car with the 8 cylinder engine and the pushbutton transmission.

The beautiful red Belvedere with a 6 cylinder engine was  so underpowered a 49 Ford could take me leaving a stop sign.

So what?

This was very important to a 20 year old.

About this time some of my friends were buying sports cars, one had a Jaguar XK140 convertible, another had a Karman Ghia.

What did I have     ?

A crummy 6 cylinder Plymouth!

One weekend several of us went to the Road America sports car race in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. It was an unbelievable experience Jaguar introduced a new car, the XKSS. Briggs Cunningham was testing a new Osca, and a new class of race car the Formula Junior was introduced.

I was totally intoxicated by the roar of the engines and the smell of the nitromethane.On the return trip I made up my mind to get rid of the Plymouth.

I really wanted a 1959 Austin Healy 3000 MKlll but just couldn’t make it happen. Then I saw an MGA roadster, black, red leather, wire wheels with knock off hubs, beautiful.



I had to have it.


They were willing to take my 59 Plymouth in even trade for the 57 MGA.

I’m sure I lost out on the deal but I didn’t care. It was mine..

I didn’t even notice that the spare had most of the spokes broken and that the tires were worn badly.

I had a lot of fun with the MG I’m surprised I didn’t get more tickets or kill myself.

I kept the MG for less than a year because the clutch needed to be replaced. This was extremely expensive.

Bye bye MGA.

I may have been a sucker, but I sure had fun.

Did any of you have a sports car that you will never forget?

Write me let me hear what kind of cars you had. I love to talk about cars.

7 thoughts on “There’s One Born Every Minute Part 2

  1. Oh my, how I used to love sports cars! I went through 2 Pontiac Firebirds, a Pontiac Fiero, a Mazda RX7, and 2 Mitsubishi Eclipses before getting into something more practical and less sporty. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite – I loved them all!

  2. I had a red Honda CRX. Stick shift. Lasted about a year. Not at all practical for a mother, three children, an Old English Sheepdog and one terrier. Not with only two seats! But I loved that car. Cried when I had to trade for Honda Accord. Now wouldn’t drive anything but a Honda Pilot. Like to be up high where I can see what’s coming at me!

  3. My first car was a snazzy white VW convertible. I loved it. IIived at home with my parents then. Then I moved to Boston and saw this nifty green MGB. With no parents around to tell me NO, I bought it. That MGB was followed by an orange (!) MGB. That sure got attention. After I got married, we bought a plain old station wagon. That really cramped my style! I enjoy your blogs!

  4. Mine was a battle tank, not a sports car – a 55 Lincoln – but I loved that car. Its a wonder I didn’t do myself and friends in and did come close to get arrested a couple of times. We know it would do 120 mph – beyond that we got chicken. The next favorite was an early Pontiac tempest 2 door 4 speed stick shift. I drove it back and forth to collage and abosolutely loved that little car.

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