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Don Bueltmann, Writer
I was a native of St. Louis, Missouri for 62 years. In 2000 my wife Jackie and I visited a friend who lived in Tucson. I looked at the mountains and the desert and avowed: This is God’s country.

I decided instantly that this is where I wanted to live and have never regretted it.

Living in this beautiful state has stimulated my desire for writing. Maybe it’s the magnificent sunsets painted by the greatest Master of all, or could it be the variety of cactus flowers? Who knew something so hurtful could produce such gorgeous blossoms.
Maybe it’s the wildlife; there’s something magical about walking out onto your patio and finding a bobcat sunning itself or a family of Gambel’s Quail strolling along, their little topknots bobbing.
But then it could be the indescribable grandeur of the Mountains.
Perhaps it’s the name of our location, Dove Mountain, the Dove of Peace, the Holy Spirit.
Whatever the reason, I love living and writing here.

My Interests


Computers have always been part of my life. During my entire career I either worked with computers or depended on them.

I don’t know how I could ever survive without a computer, to me it is not a word processor, it is a tool. A tool that is constantly searching for a job.

If I don’t have a purpose for my computer, I will invent one.


Long before God created the computer there were cars. Beautiful cars, fast cars, expensive cars and I salivated over every one of them.

My first car was a 1949 Mercury. It was shaved and primed, had 48 Pontiac taillights and was way cool; at least in the eyes of a 16 year old.

Don Bueltmann - 1949 Mercury

During my adventurous years I traded a 1959 Plymouth even for a 1957 MGA. It was black with red leather seats, wire wheels with knock off hubs, and side curtains. What a beauty! I didn’t bother to see that the tires were bald and that the spare tire in the trunk had most of the spokes broken. Still it was fun to drive and I will never forget owning it.

Don Bueltmann - Hillman Minx Convertible

My next car was a Hillman Minx Convertible. This was a cool car, it looked a little like a 55 Ford and a Rambler got caught in a blending machine. The top could be lowered all the way, like a conventional convertible or put half way back so only the front seat was exposed, sort of like a Landau. It had a 4-cylinder engine and a four speed manual transmission with the shift on the column.

Don Bueltmann - Honda Fit Sport

My current ride is a cute little Honda Fit Sport. It’s a vibrant red and radiates fun.


I love music!

I think my tastes are fairly eclectic. I like:

  • Big Band, favorite is Moonlight Serenade
  • Smooth jazz, Ahmad Jamal, Gene Harris, George Shearing, Diana Krall, and anything with piano or vibes
  • Ballads: Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Johnny Hartman
  • Rock: Journey, Styx, Foreigner, REO Speedwagon
  • Classical music: Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, favorite is Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2
  • Anything but Rap


  • Southwestern Society of Authors
  • Tucson Arizona
  • Heritage Highlands at Dove Mountain Writers Group

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Don
    Hope everything is great! Carolyn & I are having a great time in Ohio. This will be short I’m rolling through W. Virginia to Charlotte N. Carolina. Say hi to Jackie (I know I spelt that wrong). Take care. Carolyn & Tony

  2. Do you have a brother named Denny. Was your mother named Analise? Did you wear one of my dresses on Halloween MANY years ago and got a black eye because someone made fun of you? My Mother, Alberta, wondered about you today. I told her I would do some research. My name is Sharon. If we were friends when we were little, please let me know. Sharon

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