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The Gift

ISBN 978-0-9705940-1-3 © 2009 Donald E. Bueltmann

Finalist in the Children’s Religion category
of the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards

Atiya, the baby donkey from Donald Bueltmann's The Gift


Atiya, the baby donkey, steps back to allow strangers to enter the stable and finds herself in the middle of the greatest event the world has known; the birth of Jesus.


Donald Bueltmann's The Gift, illustration“She looked at him and stammered, “Di-di-did you just say hello?”

The voice said, “I did.”

“How can you talk to me? You’re a baby human and I’m a donkey. We can’t talk to each other.”

“But we are, aren’t we?”

“I guess so, but I’d still like to know how?

“Many things are possible if one just tries.”  




Through Atiya, experience the words of Jesus as she learns concepts of Christianity, and experiences the arrival and the adoration of the Wise Men and the shepherds.




Jesus gives her a wonderful gift that will make her famous, but will not tell her what the gift is, only that when the time comes she will know.

Atiya spends years fretting about the gift. She develops doubts about Jesus’ power to grant the gift when her mother tells her, donkeys don’t become famous.


Years later, she sees Jesus again and uses The Gift.

A delightful story for early readers through 5th grade or for mothers and grandparents to read to small children about the miracle of Christ’s birth.

Also introduces some basic concepts of Christianity.

Beautifully detailed pen and ink illustrations.

Ten percent of the profit from the sale of each book will go to research for Autism.

Available in paperback or Kindle  through Amazon books


A Little Mischief and a Lotta Love

ISBN 978-0-9705940-2-0 ©2011 Donald E. Bueltmann

This book is a tribute to my little furry friend Muffin (AKA Little Muffin Golden Paws) a Yorkshire terrier that captured our hearts from the first time we saw her.

We received her as a Christmas gift from our sons and she brightened our lives from the age of eight weeks until she passed away this year at the age of fifteen. As if she knew her importance, Muffin waited until the week that I completed this book to depart.

Many of these stories are true, others came into existence as Muffin whispered into my ear things that she would really like to do and together we breathed life into them. She asked me to use a fictitious name in this book, so she is known as Mischief.

Mischief, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, small in stature with a big attitude, tells her story. Follow her from birth through puppyhood.


Little One grunted and tried to open her eyes. After straining for some time, she triumphantly cried, “I can see! I can see!

Whoa…you guys are sure hairy little rascals.”

Tuffy retorted, “Are not.”

“Are too.”
Tuffy hesitated, “Hey, we’re supposed to be hairy—we’re dogs.”

Little One snickered and said, “You’re right. We’re supposed to be hairy.” Then she waddled away.

Experience her anguish as her brother and sister are ’dopted and taken away.


The puppy was very upset, ran to Mother and asked, “Where did they go”?

“They’ve been adopted.”

Mischief cocked her head to one side and asked, “What’s ’dopted?”

“Adopted means they were chosen to live with a new family.”

“But, I’ll see them again, won’t I?”

Mother said softly, “No, you probably won’t see them again.”

Mischief’s eyes widened. “I don’t understand—they’re our family.”

“Yes, we’re a family, but it was time for them to share love and kisses with new families.”

“I don’t like ’doption,” Mischief growled.

Follow along with the sassy little dog for her first visit to the vet; being left at the kennel; and the trauma of flying to a new home in Tucson, Arizona.


The next morning we got ready to leave. Biscuit laid one of her favorite bones in front of me, pushed it with her nose and said, “I’ll miss you, little friend.”

“I’ll miss you too, except for your big wet sloppy kisses.”

“You don’t mean that, do you?”

I licked her nose and said, “No, I’ll miss you too.”

In search of adventure and as a rebellion against authority she runs away into the desert and meets new friends.


I heard a shrieking noise and looked up at a huge bird flying in circles right over my head. The circles seemed to be getting smaller and the bird was getting larger. I ran to a small bush and waited till the bird flew away, then cautiously left my shelter and continued walking.

I saw a small brown animal digging in the dirt and said, “Hello, what sort of animal are you?”

The furry little animal gave a frightened squeak, jumped into the air and started to run.
“Please, don’t run away. I’m lost and need help,” I called after it.

The little animal hesitated and looked carefully at me.

“I’m Chester and I’m a chipmunk. What are you?”

“My name’s Mischief and I’m a dog.”

“You’re not a dog. Dogs are big and noisy and they bark and chase chipmunks. Just what sort of dog do you think you are?”

“I don’t think I’m a dog—I know I’m a dog, a Yorkshire terrier,” I growled. “Furthermore, I’ll have you know that I have a pedigree and there are champions in my lineage.”

“Well, why don’t you take your pedigree and your champions and let them help you.”


And new enemies.

Each incident is filled with excitement and surprise.

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Fulfillment is a Place

It was time! Time to Start, time to Plan, time to Do!

My wife, Jackie, had inquired, “Mark, could you please go to Europe with your father?”

My oldest son, Mark, (no dummy) thought for a second. “Let’s see, Dad will pay for all expenses,. OK,” he quickly retorted.

I had retired early to enjoy life and pursue pleasures. One of those pleasures had been travel. So far I had been pursuing it, but not enjoying it. While working, I had accumulated enough frequent flyer miles for two First-Class round trip tickets to Europe. Now five years later and we had neither departed nor made plans to do so. Jackie, who mildly suffered from several phobias was afraid to fly that far.

I was intrigued by the thought of traveling to Europe. First, there was the history—where in the United States could you find such sights? I could return to the Golden Age of Pericles and see buildings that existed before the birth of Christ, or imagine viewing the latest spectacle in the Coliseum in Rome. I could visit the land of Castles and enchantment, Bavaria, or see the magnificent Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Perhaps, I could revel in the majesty of Mont Blanc or see the slopes in St. Moritz. Then there was the City of Lights, museums, and Romance, Paris. I might even frolic with the rich and famous on the Riviera.

Mark was in his second year of Law School, could he fit the trip in, and more important could he get the time off from work? Mark checked his school calendar. If we could insert the trip between the spring and summer school sessions, we could do it. He checked with his Supervisor and got a nod. We were on! The Trip was a GO!

Go Where? Where not? The world was mine. Open a map! Touch a spot! Touch another spot! The power was intoxicating! I thought of every movie that I could remember every book I had read, every exciting place that my Geography and History teachers had attempted to drum into my head. Picking destinations would be as much fun as going there; we had nine months to complete our planning and bring this trip to fruition.


Acropolis    Acropolis

 Acropolis    Acropolis

Acropolis   Acropolis

Acropolis    Acropolis

This book represents the culmination of a lifetime of hopes and schemes and plans and dreams. The hopes pertain to wishing with all my heart that my wife Jackie could overcome her fear of flying for as many hours as it takes to reach Europe. The schemes were of course all of my failed plots and plans to coerce her into joining me in this, my Great Adventure. The plans and dreams are the steps leading up to the fulfillment of this trip.

But most of all the purpose of this book and the reason for purchase is to join Mark and I as we fulfill my fantasy journey and realize that Fulfillment is a Place

Come join Mark and I on my trip of a lifetime as we visit seven countries in twenty-two days Sometimes scary, sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, but always interesting.

Share our frustration when, after all the meticulous planning, we miss our flight to Europe and cope with the terrorist bomb scare in the Paris train station.

Experience our awe as we view the Masterpieces in many of the famous museums of Europe and Monuments built before the start of Christianity. But always share the camaraderie of father and son as we enjoy our time together and savor the sights, sounds, and foods of Europe.

Travel along as we discover that: Fulfillment is a Place

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